Why Griffin Valuation Group?

Griffin Valuation Group has the vast experience and knowledge you need to lower your tax expenses and increase cash flow through cost segregation and property tax analyses. Put that money back in the company's pockets where it belongs!

Griffin Valuation Group's consultants came out of the Big-4 accounting firms and have worked in nearly every industry (including a large share of the Fortune 500) over the past 30 years. We have worked in every state in the U.S.

Top Reasons to Choose GVG

1. Big-4 quality and exceptional experience without the big price. We learned from the best and most qualified in the world working on cost segregation and property tax appeals for Fortune 500 corporations nationwide and we now carry that great experience to our own clients.

2.  We are not new to the cost segregation and property tax fields and we have one of the longest and most successful histories of anyone in the country doing cost segregation studies.

3. Many firms are recently self-taught in cost segregation which brings risk. We are not. We've enjoyed and successfully ridden the waves of tax law and case law changes since the 1980's.

4. We have all the required professionals needed in one organization. Why settle for less then a full team and find out later the analysis is incorrect and can't be utilized?

5. We have performed 1,000's and 1,000's of cost segregation and property tax analyses throughout the U.S. over the past 30 years and use that vast experience to provide clients with a superb product that used to be available only to the Fortune 500.

6. We provide free price quotes and conservative estimates of potential tax benefits for cost segregation. We never over-estimate the benefit then have to disappoint you later.

7. We provide free audit support. We're confident of our results - why wouldn't we support them? We have had 100% audit success!

8. We can provide your accountants with supporting documentation and attachments for the form 3115 catch-up tax depreciation analyses.

9. We specialize in both Cost Segregation and Property Tax Reductions. No need to hire two firms and give out identical data twice.

10. We love what we do and making our clients happy beyond their expectations!

11. We are the accounting, engineering and valuation experts who do the work beginning to end and communicate with you. We are not a re-seller for another firm (though we are the back shop for many). When you call, you talk directly with a tax accounting specialist who understands your property. We do not subcontract to any outside "engineers".

12. We provide a firm flat fee upfront for cost segregation. No surprises later on and we never use contingency fees for our cost segregation analyses since it's highly frowned upon by the IRS.

13. We never residual. (trust us - this is important so as not to understate or overstate)

14. We try especially hard to offer the best customer service! Just like you, we don't like dealing with difficult and hard to reach firms.

The Number 1 Reason: Quality, Thoroughness and Integrity

Would you expect to win a baseball game without a 3rd baseman? Would you go running with just one shoe?

The Griffin Valuation Group team covers all the bases! Why hire just an "engineer" with no Big-4 accounting expertise to do a job that requires the substantial expertise of a team of cost engineers, accounting specialists and appraisers? One low fee gets the complete required combination to get the job done accurately the first time.

A few more examples of how GVG stands apart:

25+ years of providing companies with millions of dollars of tax benefits and increased cash flow. Many use the disreputable residual or the "invoice picking" methodologies for cost segregation, frowned upon by technical guidance. We do not and never have.

You would get the most detailed and supportable product needed. We follow to the letter the rulings and tax lives prescribed by the IRS. Should the unlikely event of an audit occur, we fully stand behind our report and provide free support with no additional fees or expenses ever.

We review the property tax assessments at the same time as our cost segregation analysis to see if opportunities exist for tax savings.  This eliminates the need to hire two firms and provide the same documentation twice.

The professionals at Griffin Valuation Group have over 25 years of cost segregation, tax accounting, asset valuation and property tax consulting experience throughout the country. 

We began in the 1980's in what was then called the Big-8 accounting industry.  You get the benefit of this vast experience plus the unique combination of services which rely on each other to achieve maximum tax savings.

We offer specialized tax services to produce maximum cost savings and tax benefits.  This provides our clients with reduced expenses from the efficiency of using one firm and one set of experts.

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